FLXBL is a design studio based in Ahmedabad, India. The studio was set-up in 2014 and has built a portfolio of over 50 projects in various stages of implementation across western India.

We are growing towards becoming a plug-and-play design practice with a vast network of collaborators across the globe who come together to provide customized design solutions to meet specific project requirements. Each entity of this network while being independent has a strong connection with the studio in Ahmedabad. Depending on the complexity, geography and scale of a project, the various units of this network connect to operate as a cohesive team.

Our method of working allows for innovation and the incubation of new ideas through creative discourse, interaction and innovation between the various disciplines that shape design. This integrated working process fosters a certain dynamic environment for the practice itself, allowing it to adapt to challenges, solve problems in innovative and unconventional ways and to explore territories with an open-ended, flexible and methodological approach.

FLXBL provides design consultancy services in areas of architecture, interior design, urbanism, master planning, landscape architecture and furniture design.


We provide a customized team for each project based on the specific requirements of our clients and the end users of our spaces. A core team in our studio leads charge of the project while our other local, regional and international experts expand the periphery of the core team.

This system helps in controlling the quality of work by keeping the core team compact and enables to deal with any type and scale of project by adding minds and physical infrastructure to an open-ended network of specialized agencies. The ability to customize the shape and size of the team for each project type makes it possible to involve specialized and diverse team in the problem solving as well as in establishing a creative tailor-made process.
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