Private Residence No. 07
Residential | Ahmedabad.

This exposed concrete residence for a family of four has been designed keeping in mind their love of nature and open spaces. A clever play of open areas, built spaces and voids helps respond to the local climate which is typically hot for a major part of the year. An elevated garden and a rooftop courtyard connect indoors with the outdoor spaces. The openings are oriented to pull in more light from the north and east facades and to significantly reduce heat gain from the south and west while bringing in plenty of natural light and ventilation into every room. The studio was awarded the ‘Top 10 Homes’ and ‘Top 10 Kitchens and Bathrooms’ at India Design 2019 by Elle Décor for this project.

Ephemeral Installation
Interior | Ahmedabad.

This small scale temporary installation was conceived for an exhibition. The spaces were conceptualized as fluid forms with planes flowing into each other using computer aided parametric instructions. The series of HDF panels were designed to seamlessly form wall, ceiling and furniture as required within the limits of the event space as a singular designed unit.

Office Interior No. 409
Interior | Ahmedabad.

The intent while designing the office space was to create a distinctive space that would also be a productive work environment. This was done by adopting a minimal approach in design with spaces arranged in the form of concentric zones. The parabolic free-form meeting area was envisioned as the central focus that gives the office both its appeal and identity. The circulation loop around it connects to individual work spaces tucked in around the edges. A white monochromatic palate was used to mitigate the lack of natural light in the space.

Private Residence No. 555
Residential | Ahmedabad.

A 25-year old house was reconfigured and expanded to give it an update while still being true to its original soul. The extension seamlessly blends the original character of the house into the renovated avatar. Most of the original concrete structural system has been preserved. The old façade has been modified for better climatic response and day-lighting. This approach allowed to minimise the use of resources, conserve water, energy and material, while improving the overall performance of the dwelling.

Residential Interior No. 1401
Interior | Ahmedabad.

A weekend retreat that was inspired by industrial style exposed services and ceilings, the interior partition walls have been removed where possible to create a larger living space to emphasize a relaxed free-flowing lifestyle. The neutral colour-palette provides a backdrop for contrasting cosy-comfortable furniture and design elements.

Private Residence No. 3
Residential | Ahmedabad.

Private Residence No.3 is designed as volumes organized around perpendicular spines set in a garden with densely landscaped edges that have been raised to give the sense of being enclosed by nature. The parking connects to an enclosed entry court through which one enters the house. The living and dining area form perpendicular spines, with the double-height living space framing views of the front garden and the sky. A landscaped balcony along the front creates a shaded veranda below, while modulating light that comes into the living room. The facade is articulated as a conversation between the starkness of concrete and the warmth of brick and wood that in turn engage with the voids and openings to protect the interiors from the harshness of the climate, while allowing them to engage with the landscape outside.

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