Skyline Office
Commercial | Ahmedabad.

A corporate office for a city-based construction company, the Skyline Office Building is a 4,000 sq. ft. space that was given a conspicuous, unconventional form to a conventional building aesthetics. The striking red origami form in steel seems to levitate over a garden area on slender steel girders that give the building an industrial aesthetic. The bold form acts as a signpost drawing attention when seen from the highway. The faceted planes are carried forward in the landscaped areas tying them with the floating mass above. The language is carried through into the interior spaces giving it a dynamism that extends outwards to the horizon through the panoramic glass walls on three sides. The sweeping views of the highway and surroundings from within give one the sense of watching a silent movie cocooned in an avant-garde sculpture.

Yellow Box Office
Commercial | Ahmedabad.

The Yellow Office Box Building was conceived as a distinctive branding tool to call attention to the project by way of its portable design and installation. The building is temporary in nature and can be dismantled and reused. The design challenges the conventional pattern of building low-budget, aesthetically poor, temporary site offices in India which are invariably demolished after they have served their purpose. This mobile building, envisioned as a ‘Shouting Media Box’, has two primary boxes that house the programmatic spaces and a pitched yellow box as a staircase unit connecting with the upper level. The first primary box sits on the ground and is dedicated to the administrative functions. The second box, called the light box, levitates above to hold the executive functions.

Sulit Office Tower
Commercial | Ahmedabad.

This mixed-use commercial complex is located in one of the main business districts of the city. The contrast of the brick and glass volumes creates a form that allows it to stand out in a densely-built area. The basement parking has been maximized by incorporating a puzzle parking system.

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